Dawn Norris, photographer of canines and other animals. Photo courtesy of Melissa Royer of Maoilíosa Kennels

Dawn Norris, photographer of canines and other animals. Photo courtesy of Melissa Royer Photography

Anywhere. Anytime. Worldwide.

Dawn Rabinowitz has been photographing animals for over a decade and it has been a work of love and admiration.

In all her work, nothing has inspired her more than the bond between a working dog and the dog handler and documenting that incredible relationship we have with working dogs from all walks of life.

Dawn Rabinowitz is an expert working dog photographer (she also enjoys photographing wolves, wild horses, and during downtime, food).  The bond and dedication of the world’s leading working dogs fascinates her.  With camera (aka “her rig”) in hand and a strong sense of knowing the decisive moment, Dawn thrives on the adrenaline rush of the work these courageous people and dog do and you can find her, if you look closely, documenting their work and training.

Known by her clients and peers as “The Ninja”, Dawn’s go-anywhere work ethic gets the shots that make an impact.

Dawn’s clients include a range of law enforcement departments and military divisions.  Dawn was raised amongst many military members in her family from every branch but the Coast Guard (though she knows they aren’t too shabby either)!  She describes herself as the All-American girl-next-door with a twist.  A keen sense of adventure (soloed an airplane on her 16th birthday, is an Outward Bound survival school graduate, and is notorious for going anywhere to get the shot – top of a subway train, hanging off the side of a building, crawling in underground tunnels, you get the picture).

Dawn Norris. Going anywhere, anytime to get the shot...

Dawn Rabinowitz. Going anywhere, anytime to get the shot…

Bringing professionalism, experience and a positive attitude to every assignment.

Why hire Dawn as your working dog photographer?

Dawn takes law enforcement/handler courses alongside her clients by attending LEO and Military conferences and learning the nuances of handling K9s, bite work, patrol tactics, ED, civil work, special forces training, and more.

Dawn is a proud road warrior with a huge sense of wanderlust and is physically fit to handle any kind of terrain and environmental circumstances.

Dawn is owned by a Belgian Malinois canine named Tracer’s Clear Blue Flame (aka “Trace”).


Trace in the Studio

Dawn is based out of Newbury, Massachusetts and will travel anywhere.

Dawn has been in business as a professional dog/canine/K-9 photographer for 15 years.

Dawn graduated from the University of Vermont and attended Massachusetts School of Law.

Dawn has been trained by multiple National Geographic photographers.

You can email Dawn at dawnrabinowitz@gmail.com OR dawn@caninesonduty.com

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Dawn is available to photograph working dogs anytime, anywhere. Rates are determined based on location and other job requirements.  Call for a quote!

Please visit Dawn’s online magazine portfolio.  You can also follow Canines on Duty on Facebook by clicking here!

Dawn can be reached via phone at 978-880-8682 or via email at dawn@caninesonduty.com



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