It's not just about the how but also the why a dog's mind works the way it does.

Educating K9 handlers, trainers, and civilians on canine cognition and psychology to optimize life with dogs.

Geeking out on the way a dog's brain works and operates.


Brian Gagye:  Brian served in the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper.

After his time in the Marines, he worked for a sheriff’s department in Michigan until he was injured in the line of duty and later worked for a specialized security company.

Brian has been training dogs for over 20 years and specializes in dog psychology. He has taught his dog psychology and problem-solving seminars for police officers and civilians nationwide.

Brian is currently finishing his B.A. in psychology. He believes it is not just understanding dogs, it is also understanding how we perceive information. That perceived information is translated into plans of action which makes or breaks the relationship we have with our dogs and how they behave.

Dawn Gagye:  Dawn's on location photography is a tribute and a documentation of the incredible relationship we have with working dogs from all walks of life.

Dawn is an all-terrain photographer despite weather conditions, lighting circumstances, or locations of all types she is game for creating a photograph with impact that shows the particular animal in a powerful and authentic manner. 

Dawn has been the stills photographer for a documentary movie (K9 Guardians) on training K9 units throughout the United States illustrating both the successes and failures of existing K9 training and where training can improve moving forward.  She has worked with Delta Force Teams in scenario trainings including building searches.  

Dawn has been a featured guest on The Dog Show with Nick (co-host of America’s Top Dog) and Joe, is the contract photographer for The Stanton Foundation in Boston, works alongside many of the New England area K9 teams, and has documented the FBI Post Blast School.  

Endorsed by Law Enforcement and Military Handlers

Dawn and Brian are well respected and trusted by law enforcement officers and military working dog handlers nation-wide.  

Brian has worked with LEOs as their trainer and as a certifier for over a decade. 

Dawn has studied beside LEOs and Special Forces in the field and in the classroom and has an unsurpassed base of knowledge about the working dog and handler relationship.