Authentic working dog photography

by an expert.


Dawn Rabinowitz, working dog photographer

Dawn's Background

With over 15 years of experience, Dawn’s approach to photographing animals is documentary in nature. She does a lot of observation and educates herself about her subjects. 

Dawn is an all-terrain photographer despite weather conditions, lighting circumstances, or locations of all types she is game for creating a photograph with impact that shows the particular animal in a powerful and authentic manner.

A Photojournalistic Approach

Dawn's sense of timing and a depth of knowledge about the working dog and the handler makes her photography special and unique.  Dawn is truly an expert at creating photographs "in the decisive moment." 

Dawn is well respected by law enforcement officers nation-wide.

Endorsed by Law Enforcement and Military Handlers

Dawn is well respected and trusted by law enforcement officers and military working dog handlers nation-wide.  She has studied beside them in the field and in the classroom and has an unsurpassed base of knowledge about the working dog and handler relationship.

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