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Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast

Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast

Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast


K9 Mindfreak is a product of Canines on Duty where we teach K-9 Handlers, Trainers, Decoys and any dog lover the science behind the mind. We dive into how our behaviors affects our dogs and so much more. We will bend your mind by teaching you up-to-date psychology that is based on real science.

Dog Psychology Course

Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast

Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast



This class is designed to educate dog owners, dog trainers, and K9 handlers on how dogs process information and interpret the world. We will be covering :


Conscious v Subconscious

Human mental limitations and how that effects your dog

Classical and Operant Conditioning

Deeper meaning of the term "reward"


and more

Working Dog Radio

Listen to our K9 Mindfreak Podcast

Working Dog Radio


 Eric and Ted dive into some dog psychology with Canine’s on Duty Brian Gagye. The WDR guys frequently talk about how they do things and how they’ve learned it from years of trial and error. Brian helps the guys understand why some of their ‘tricks’ work and what’s actually going on in a working dog’s mind. 

On The Dog Show with Nick and Joe

Dawn is the premier dog photographer and has worked with everyone who is anyone in the industry. She has an impressive portfolio that ranges from the covers of Working Dog Magazine to Canine Chronicle. Dawn uses her heart to guide her as she photographs dogs and their handlers in some of the most interesting situations. She has been privileged enough to go on building searches with the military and police due to her highly regarded reputation in the industry...

Dawn Featured on Maine Television

Featured for her work with dogs and other animals as a professional photographer.